800 years ago Universities were created. Since then, they have identified, classified, conserved, imparted, and even certified knowledge. 150 years ago Business Schools were created to teach university fellows skills to run or work at big companies.

Up until now both Universities and Business schools have played their role, and they’ve done a fine job, but we no longer feel that this is enough. Misfits, rebels, and creative minded people need new institutions to grow their ideas, their projects, their ventures.

And eventually, their own companies. At the European Institute for Entrepreneurship we want to be one of those new institutions, that third pilar. Come join us and open your mind.

The European Institute for Entrepreneurship is proud to be partnered with:

The European Institute for Entrepreneurship (EIE) is a pioneering organization created by a group of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The overall mission is to promote entrepreneurship.

At EIE we give particular importance to people and not just exclusively to their projects. We embrace diversity and the freedom it allows us. In order to be diverse our institute focuses on the entrepreneur.

First, age doesn’t matter. We don’t look at age as a measure of capability. Second, we believe in the ideas that people have and not just in their academic achievements. And third, we consider ourselves completely impartial when it comes to the type of idea presented. Everyone is welcome at our institute. As long as you’re looking to make a difference.

Strengths of the program

Internationalization: As our program is run silmultaneously in Madrid and London, by participating in the Entrepreneur program you’ll have the opportunity to move seamlessly between the two entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Mentoring: Our mentors work around the clock. They’ve founded countless companies and know what it takes. They’ll help you nail down your idea and turn it into an MVP.

MVP: We’ll work side by side to validate your idea, helping you develop your minimum viable product and making sure it meets the market’s demands.

Visiting Entrepreneur: First hand experience is priceless. That’s why a Visiting Entrepreneur comes in weekly to share their wisdom with progam participants.

“The environment is super friendly, people are really open, so you can interact with the mentors and with the other entrepreneurs about your project and share your ideas.”


Ana Carolina Menezes

e program entrepreneur.

“At the EIE we acquired a very impressive network which allows our startup to open its perspective in a way we couldn’t by ourselves. The most important part of being in the Insti is the passion and fun; and I wouldn’t change for anything the creative moments and my coworkers.”

Gonzalo Garrido

co-founder , Quorum Groups.