So whats the EIE all about?

The European Institute for Entrepreneurship (EIE) is a pioneering organization created by a group of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. At EIE we give particular importance to people and not just exclusively to their projects, the overall mission is to promote entrepreneurship. Therefore, here at EIE we believe in diversity: understood as a measure of freedom.

In order to realistically be diverse, our institute tries to be as transversal as possible in three different areas: Firstly age; we don’t see age as measure of capability to grasp on to ideas or projects, age doesn’t matter. Secondly; educational background. In today’s world it is often necessary to meet certain academic requirements in order to be considered a “valuable” member of society. At EIE we make no distinctions, we don’t care about your academic background. And thirdly, we consider ourselves to be transverse when it comes to projects. Any project is welcomed at our institute. As long as your startup rocks

In order to comply with the objectives of EIE, a number of cornerstone programme have been developed: EIE Accelerator (e2) & Entrepreneur (e) . Our programme utilize our strong network of mentors, our national and international partners, and a kickass list of contacts. The main objective of our “e2 programme”  is to strengthen weaknesses that an Entrepreneur faces when starting-up. We like to say that our “e programme”accelerates people more than startups.

What else?


One of the principal pillars when founding the EIE was encourage young entrepreneurship. This is something we have been working on for the past 3 years and continue to work towards through our events, activities, and programs.


Citrus Saturday: A learning initiative from University College London, in which participants learn about entrepreneurship by setting up and running a lemonade stall. We brought the model to Spain, tried it, loved it… and our young EIEntrepreneurs even adapted the format and ran Choco Saturday in January, as a winter variation! Link to page

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Choco Saturday: Same format as Citrus but with hot chocolate in the winter months instead!


España Rumbo al Sur: One of our collaborating organizations, ERS runs expeditions to Africa each summer, in which participants (16-17 years old) undertake physical, social, entrepreneurial, and educational activities, and have a fantastic experience unlike any other.

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Entrepreneur Summer Bootcamp: An intensive 4 week course designed for young entrepreneurs who are interested in integrating themselves in Madrid’s early stage startup hub.  It’s principal objective centers around the guidance and support from mentors who help aspiring entrepreneurs develop their project, learn how market it, and even how to find funding.
Over the course of 4 weeks participants will be introduced to topics such as strategy, metrics, creativity, marketing, crowdfunding, social media, growth hacking, and communication. Upon completion of the course entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their finished project in a Demo Day to a panel of judges. Nota de Prensa – Collaboration with Rumbo al Sur. Learn More


The person is certainly the most important factor. We look for people with the abilities, knowledge, and values needed to be an entrepreneur first and foremost. For this reason, at the EIE we put people first every time.


The idea is the next step. You need an idea to start a project, good ideas to help build and strengthen it, new ideas to overcome obstacles or failures, and flexible ideas that can be adapted to suit the situation and surroundings.


The project is the final piece of the puzzle. It needs to be viable and scalable, and adaptable to new or changing markets. The beauty is that an entrepreneur can have several projects, and a single project can have several entrepreneurs.

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Because not everyone has to understand us.
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