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Entrepreneur Programme


At the EIE we build companies, (we love founders) but we’re offering you the possibility to come to our lab to see how it’s done. You don’t have a project of your own but you know that you’re interested in entrepreneurship. The E Program gives you the opportunity to dive headfirst into Madrid’s Entrepreneur ecosystem. You’ll work alongside startup companies who are just starting up and find out what it really takes to be an entrepreneur.

This program does not include mentoring.


The contents of each week of the program are focused/centered on a specific topic.


The activities of each week are as follows:


Workshops are held 4 times a week for 2 hours. They are interactive seminars given by mentors or specialists. Workshops are both formative and practical/pragmatic, they give entrepreneurs the necessary tools to launch and boost their startup. On average our workshops are evaluated 4/5.



Briefcases are held once a week and are specific case studies. This activity is designed to help entrepreneurs learn from concrete cases of both failure and success.  Supportive/Additional material will be provided for this activity.


Once a week all the participants in our programs get together to have a Brainstorming session. This activity is upon request of the startup and takes a look at specific issues that the company is dealing with at the moment. The startup which has called the Brainstorming session is free to put on the table any number of obstacles they are faced with at that moment. The participants are free to contribute their ideas, propose solutions, and debate various topics with one another. This activity is extremely useful for startups.


Visiting Entrepreneur:

Once a week a Visiting Entrepreneur from the ecosystem comes to sit down with the startups to share their experience. This is a very intimate activity where the experienced entrepreneur talks about the obstacles they faced when starting-up, shares tips and secrets of the trade, and more often than not advises the startups on what not to do. This activity is also very personalized, after each Visiting Entrepreneur’s chat, the participants are free to ask as many questions and concerns that they may have.


Masterclasses are held once a week by renowned specialists from the ecosystem.

International Week


At the end of each phase of the acceleration cycle startups have the opportunity to go abroad to get to know another ecosystem and even test their product there. We have various international partners such as UCL Advances and South Bank University in England and Rutgers Business School and Trinity University in the U.S.A. When the startups return from abroad we finish the season with Demo Day.

Currently the EU country with the highest growth rate: Spain – Madrid.

Connection to cities that are undisputed leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem:


Visits to companies and institutions

There is nothing better to get to know a company than to find out how it works on the inside. Each week, therefore, there will be an opportunity for an in-depth look at a company, its organisation, and how it works.



Cinema is a source of inspiration for many entrepreneurs. It has also borne witness to many stories relating to business and entrepreneurship from one world or another. Each week there will be a relevant film shown in the EIE Events Hall as well as a subsequent debate about the same.


EIE Alumni

Your journey with the EIE won’t be easily forgotten, and so you don’t forget us when you complete your programme we will invite you to become EIE Alumni.

  • Space to work in the EIE City coworking
  • EIE Alumni
  • EIE Certificate of attendance

EIE Awards

Every year the annual EIE Awards gala takes place, recognising entrepreneurial value and achievement through different prizes categories.

  • EIE Events and Congresses
  • Invitation to the EIE Awards


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E programme, from:

  • Autumn: October 2nd, 2018


  • 100% Attendance obligatory.
  • Equipment needed: Laptop and/or tablet.





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