MENTORING SESSIONS The mentoring process involves a series of meetings where the mentoring pair engages in focused discussions that are driven by both the mentees overarching objectives for the mentoring relationship and the specific goals for the session. Mentors may often offer different perspectives to specific issues while constructively challenging the entrepreneur. Having a mentor is like having a handrail to help guide and support entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur needs to take the steps themselves, but progress is accelerated when their is good support and guidance.

WORKSHOPS Workshops are interactive seminars given by mentors or specialists. They are both formative and pragmatic, and give entrepreneurs the necessary tools to launch or boost their startup.

BRIEFCASES Briefcases are designed to help entrepreneurs learn from concrete cases of failure and success.

BRAINSTORMING SESSIONS Brainstorming sessions are upon request of the startup and are intended to take a look at specific issues

that the company is dealing with at the moment. The startup which has called the Brainstorming session is free to put on the table any number of obstacles they are trying to overcome. The participants are free to contribute their ideas, propose solutions, and debate various topics with one another.

MASTERCLASS Masterclasses are the star of the show. Renowned specialists from the ecosystem come to talk about trending concepts in the startup world.

VISITING ENTREPRENEUR Visiting entrepreneurs from the ecosystem come to sit down with the startups and share their experience. This is a very intimate activity where the seasoned entrepreneur talks about the obstacles they faced when starting-up, shares tips and secrets of the trade, and more often than not, advises the startups on what not to do. The participants are free to ask as many questions they may have.

BUSINESS AND STARTUP VISITS During our visits to various startups and big multinational corporations entrepreneurs have the opportunity to learn what it takes to run a company from the inside.

Your development

Week 1 to 4

The first four weeks of the program are intended to get participants into the best shape possible. Entrepreneurship is about putting things into practice, not only working on the basis of theory.

We start off by focusing on the idea. (For this reason, it is esencial that the idea is clearly defined from the start.) In order to be able to create a clear strategy, design an experiment, validate your business model, measure your results, and market your product, the idea must be clearly defined.

It’s as if you were learning to paint, you can’t begin without a canvas. While as you advanced with your work the images on the canvas may change, without a canvas all you have is a bunch of paint without where to apply it. Think of the paintbrushes, the easel, and the paint as the tools and skills you will acquire to establish and validate your idea.

In the remaining 5 weeks of the program we will work with you to develop your minimal viable product and fit it to the demands of the market.

We will introduce you to various sales channels, means of funding, and legal aspects.

We will make sure you are ready to pitch your product in the final Demo Day event with an awesome pitch deck, and pitch coaches will help you perfect your presentation.

At the end of each cycle entrepreneurs have 5 minutes to present their project to a panel of judges and invited investors.

After the presentations on Demo Day, founders and investors get to know one another and mingle. The goal for startups is to get contacts, that way if a startup plans to raise money after EIE, these contacts are a great place to start.